About SFAB


The Sport fishing Advisory Board


About the Sport Fishing Advisory Board


The SFAB or Sport Fishing Advisory Board  has been the official advisory body to DFO since it was constituted in 1964. The SFAB provides an inclusive and broadly representative process for the views of the recreational fishing community. There are twenty-three local sport fishing advisory committees throughout the province with representatives from local recreational fishing interests. These local committees nominate a representative to the North and South coast regional committees of the SFAB. The regional committees also have representatives from provincial angling advocacy groups and representatives to the Pacific Salmon Commission.

The Sport Fishing Advisory Board plays an advisory role to DFO on many aspects of the recreational fishery related to fishing plans including: stock assessment and monitoring, regulations and enforcement, policy development and advice on enhancing the recreational fishing experience.

Historical Perspective

The opportunity to fish for recreation and food has long been an important part of life on the Pacific coast of Canada. In fact, angling for salmon, especially chinook and coho, is an icon of west coast lifestyle. Fishing for personal use of other aquatic species like halibut, lingcod, crab and prawns has also been important to those who wish to derive recreation and food from the waters around them. Recreational fishing has given Canadians a unique opportunity to connect with their natural environment. It has given them both an appreciation of the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem capable of supporting an abundance of marine life and a sense of the need to work responsibly with others to protect that ecosystem. Clearly, the recreational fishery is important to both the west coast life style and the economy of British Columbia. Today, fishery managers work more closely than ever with recreational fishery advisors to develop sustainable fishing opportunities.